Peri-implantitis Treatment

Advantages of Fotona Laser Peri-implantitis Treatment:

Minimally-invasive technique
No thermal damage to the surrounding bone
Fast regeneration/healing
Reduced inflammatory response
Greater long-term implant success
Digitally controlled handpiece technology for unmatched levels of precision
How does Laser Peri-implantitis and Peri-mucositis Treatment Work?

The ideal management of peri-implant diseases focuses on infection control, detoxification of implant surfaces, regeneration of lost tissues, and plaque-control regimens. The Er:YAG laser is used to remove microbial composition on the implant without damaging it and to treat the damaged alveolar bone around the implant. Following Er:YAG treatment, the Nd:YAG or an appropriate diode laser wavelength is used for bacterial reduction and biostimulation. Laser treatment is suitable both for peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis (see video below).

What are Peri-implant Diseases?

Peri-implantitis is a destructive inflammatory process affecting the soft and hard tissues surrounding dental implants. The soft tissues become inflamed whereas the alveolar bone (hard tissue), which surrounds the implant, is lost over time. The bone loss involved in peri-implantitis differentiates this condition from peri-mucositis, a reversible inflammatory reaction involving only the soft tissues around the implant.